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Currently Operating In:

Balkan countries – for support of regional pastors/leaders.

East Africa – with Christian Outreach Ministries (Kenya and surrounding countries) – pastor/leader development and construction of training facilities.

SE Asia – with a partner mission for compassionate support and encouragement of leaders in the region.

Uganda – with Christ Chapel International in Kampala for the support and encouragement of pastors/leaders in the region.

Malawi and Zambia – for the training and support of under-resourced pastors and leaders

Re-launch has also ministered alongside special friends in Hungary, South Africa, Uganda (Dominion Church) and Sierra Leone.

Partner Requirements

A grass roots ministry where the Lord has raised up local leaders, developing a local ministry in a local way.

A robust theological base with a strong adherence to the Scriptures.

A major emphasis on outreach and the expansion of the church, particularly into unreached territories.

A deep need for partnership where Re- launch can make a significant impact.

The clear anointing of God associated with strong, godly, honest, and financially accountable leadership.


Supporting the development and expansion of the church through trusted partners in areas of the world that are largely unreached and where Christian leaders are under trained. 

Pastor and Leader Development

Re-launch is operating in areas of the world, like Uganda, Kenya, SE Asia and the Balkans, where the pastors and leaders have received very little formal bible training. We want to help change this and undergird the church by helping the pastors receive a sound biblical training. We do this by building local teaching centers, supporting some existing institutions, widening the network of well-trained local leaders, assisting with training costs and curriculum, as well as facilitating some workshops and seminars.

Feeding the Hungry

Most of our partners operate in very poor and underdeveloped areas of the majority world. The poor and vulnerable look to the churches for help. These churches have food programs and often look after a multitude of orphans and widows. This was pronounced during the COVID crisis and Re-launch has helped feed thousands of people through our network of partners.

Mobilizing the Pastors

You have heard people say: “Don’t just give them a fish, give them a rod and teach them how to fish!” Some of the carousel pictures show some motor bikes (PIKI PIKIs) that Re-launch bought for pastors. This project has mainly been with our partner, Christian Outreach Ministries in Kenya. There are 400 pastors in this network and only a few have transport. The reason we prioritized this item is simply because it provides a source of income for the pastor. Not only are these bikes the common taxi (as the one with me on it), but they are able to carry food and supplies to either give away or sell.  These bikes are the fishing rod! This is an ongoing project and you can buy one bike for $1800.  When you donate indicate that you would like to purchase a Piki-Piki.

Re-launch helped me to re-start my heart, change the way how i am looking on things around me and gave me courage to continue to follow Jesus.

– Bernard Mikulic, Pastor and Director of the Evangelical Bible Institute in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina


Responses from Partners

“The seminar held by John Hastings in Split was successful in many directions. Leaders were encouraged, inspired, and motivated to work further. Being part of a team in the organization was an honor. The Lord spoke to me personally during the seminar and encouraged me to keep going in ministry when I wanted to give up.”

Ico Matulic, Pastor of Evangelista Pentekosta in Vela Luka and Director of Teen Challenge, in Croatia.

“I am nothing but deeply grateful for Re-launch and the Hastings…providing wise mentoring, relevant insights and a strategic thinking platform that helped us in expanding the Kingdom of God in Skopje and in Macedonia.”

Nikola Galevski, Pastor of Soulcraft Church and Director of The Leadership Summit

“A couple days back I got feedback from the church leaders and the pastors that they have never received such powerful teaching and practical seminar in their lives. The teaching was very systematic and practical. They said they would never be the same again to do the mission of God in spite of all challenges.”

Pastor at Center in SE Asia

“Re-launch and John Hastings ministry has done a very wonderful work in Christian Outreach Ministries in Kenya, since we were connected. Firstly, he has influenced our teaching Pastors to be more outward focused and has helped them to teach their members to be missionary minded and involved in winning lost souls to Christ. Secondly, they have fully supported the training of Pastors in Mombasa Kenya through building a training center. Thank you so much and we hope to continue to work together and bring great changes in these countries of East Africa in the future.”

Bishop Jonah Bedan, Archbishop and Director of Christian Outreach Ministries (World Wide)

“All of our pastors, ministers, leaders, and church workers were transformed spiritually and empowered after a one week intensive teaching by Dr John.”

Samuel Menyonger, International Missionary Center/Dynamis International Christian Center, Sierra Leone

Your video message was spot on and encouraging to the church. We just had 24 members baptized the last Sunday which was very exciting. The Lord is kind to us. Looking forward to our fellowship again in August. We are honored to partner with Re-Relaunch . Blessings.

Dr Ricky Bogere, Kampala, Uganda